About Us

We are a couple from Porto, north of Portugal. After a decade of enterprise work, we are redesigning our life project for a simpler and healthier lifestyle, more close to the nature and ourselves. So, we are a couple in transition :)

We both collaborate as facilitators for foreigners who want to start living on the land in Portugal, helping them to connect and integrate with Portuguese sustainable initiatives. So, we work for an advertising platform, who specializes in lands that cry for regeneration, advertising properties for sale, tiny homes, services, and also accommodation for short and long term in Portugal.

Lack of people on the rural areas in Portugal it is a big problem and hopefully we are helping to open this beautiful rural Portugal to a good people that want to come and live in, working on the land regeneration, growing the economy in rural areas, the sustainable movements in Portugal.

As we work online on this advertising platform, we are "digital nomads", which means we can work from anywhere!

So, as we both work online and love travelling, we are converting a van to a campervan and will be doing several road trips through Portugal and other countries. Our aim is getting back to the essential, experiencing life in a van for a longer time. We are already visiting sustainable projects in Portugal, connecting people who want to live in the land in Portugal with who is already doing it. We are collecting and spreading some inspiring stories and projects on the road.

So, come on board and follow our journey on